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Friday, May 4, 2012

Songs Are Made To Mend Your Heart (The Great Justin Beiber Debate)

Songs Are Made To Mend Your Heart
(The Great Justin Beiber Debate)
Co-Write – 6th Graders Morgan East Elementary
McConnelsville, Ohio May 2012

The kids had two different ideas about how Justin's music might break a person's heart.

When you’re shattered, busted beat and broke
The words can get stuck in your throat
You kick an empty can of coke
Up and down some dusty road

The world it seems is closing in
It kicked you out and left this doubt
Left you thinking all is wrong
Until you hear his special song

Beiber songs mend your heart
Your heart
Your heart
Mends your heart

The music’s loud and you can’t think
It may be good but you’ll say it stinks
Your sister loves his awesome look
Has all his music, all his books

If she could see just what you see
She’d be cranking up some Cee Lo Green
She’d have good taste just like you
But his fever has her sick it’s true

Beiber songs break your heart
Your heart
Your heart
Break your heart

In this world there’s nothing bad
About some tune that makes so many glad
And if it brings just one smile
It’s all worth it all the while

So sing it high or sing it low
Just be yourself and let it go
Let music be what it will be
No matter who is listening

Songs are made to mend your heart
Your heart
Your heart
Songs are made to mend your heart
Your heart
Your heart
Mend your heart

Do do do do do do do do do do do

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Songwriter Workshop Today - Morgan East Elementary Sixth Graders

Looking forward to co-writing a song today with some great kids!

Morgan East Elementary School - McConnelsville Ohio - Songwriter Workshop

Todd Burge will conduct a songwriter workshop for the 6th grade kids. Burge will perform for the entire student body on May 11th at 2:15
WhenWed May 2 2pm – 3pm Eastern Time
Where4265 N State Route 376 NW, McConnelsville, OH 43756-9145 (map)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Burge Kids Debut on Syndicated Radio

Will, Sophia and Todd Burge on Saturday Light Brigade

Last weekend our kids, Will (7) and Sophia (5) made their syndicated radio show debut on Pittsburgh's Saturday Light Brigade! Swell job kids. Songs played. Herman the Worm The Good Dog Stay Little Just a Little Bit Longer My Kitty and more! T

Thanks to Larry, Rikki, Adam and crew! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chompy My Pet Zombie

Chompy My Pet Zombie
© March 27 2012 Bunj Jam BMI
Written with about 50 awesome fifth Graders – Neale Elementary – Vienna WV

Chompy was my pet zombie
We were buddies we were friends
We planned to stick together
And we planned it until the end
But he found a girl named Maulee
And now they love each other so
So Chompy my pet zombie
I don’t see much anymore

Who took you to the Zombie Smart
To buy you your “Brain Juice”
Who walked you at night
In that pricy “don’t bite me” suit?
Me that’s who!

I know I’m only human
Just a piece of meat to him
But Chompy, I sure miss you
You’re my buddy, you’re my friend

This morning Chompy called me
With a special request
He said how much he missed me
And wants me to be his guest!
Chompy and Miss Maulee
Want to meet my parent too!
So we’re hooking up for dinner
And you’re all invited too!

Now Chompy my pet zombie
We are buddies it is true
We had a special dinner
The main course was me and you
You may see us stompin’ ‘round
The streets of your hometown
Dancing like some hungry killers
To Michael Jackson’s Thriller
Dancing like some hungry killers
To Michael Jackson’s Thriller

My "Thank You" note from a few of the fifth graders included a comment from Alexis Donahue, "please put
zombie loving something".  I added the love Alexis.  Thanks TB