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Friday, April 4, 2014

Sitting on Top of the World - Lyrics by Belpre 5th Graders, Music Traditional - Todd Burge

This song is the result of a workshop I conducted with the kids on April 4 2014. 

On Top of the World 4/4/2014
Lyrics by Todd Burge and Belpre 5th Graders
Music traditional – Arranged by T. Burge
Video of song found here:

It was in the morning
One early spring
The school year was ending
Now here’s the thing
We’re sitting on top
On Top
On Top of the world

Spring wind is breezin’
Wintertime is done
Summer is comin’
Let’s have some fun

We’re sitting on top
On Top
On Top of the world

It was a struggle
A big big climb
We stuck it out
And took our time


There is a sign
In Hollywood
Way way below
Couldn’t see it if I could


If you be you
I will be me
We both will be
Unique you see


Buh buh buh Bacon
Is always the answer
So don’t be callin’
As I’m out to dinner

We’re sitting proud
And singing loud
When you’re way up
You can’t get down
Chorus (3times)

Thanks to the wonderful teachers, staff and especially the students of Belpre Elementary!

Special thanks to Artsbridge!

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