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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fluffy Cat VS The Villagers (A Minecraft Ballad) - Camp Craw Dad Workshop Song

Fluffy Cat vs The Villagers (A Minecraft Ballad)
By Todd, Will and Sophia Burge with the Kids of Camp Craw Dad
Aug 9 2014

My nickname is Fluffy
I’m a make believe cat
A talkin’ walkin’
Orange ya glad to see me
Not a matter of fact
With a Minecraft mind
And a battle to win
When the villagers gather
And try to do me in

I’ll stick em
Go get em!
Drop sand on em two blocks tall
I’ll give em all I’ve got
I’ll give em all my all!

I’m two blocks high,but wish I could be three
As I could beat those big noses
So easily

Some people say
if you can’t join em beat em
But I’m here to sing
That the opposite is true too
And I tried to be nice
To those with the  big noses
But they just thumbed em
In my fluffy cat face
So ya know
I’m gonna…..

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