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Monday, February 22, 2016

Pink Is For Boys - Song Co-Write with Veritas Classical Academy 5th - 8th Graders!

Pink Is For Boys (2-22-2016)

This song is the result of a workshop I conducted at The Veritas Classical Academy in Marietta Ohio with about 40 third through eighth graders.  Thank you to Artsbridge!

More here on my workshops.

Boy did you ever
Search for a sweater
In your sister’s chest of drawers?
Lookin’ for a color
that will fit right in
With the mood of which you’re in

There’s a rainbow of clothes
In her room of color
Like no other in your house
Atta boy boy
Take your pick
Then get to steppin’ out

You tried blue (Not for you)
You tried red (Try again)
You tried green (Made ya mean)
You tried yellow (Oh heck no!)
You tried white (A bit too clean)
You tried black (Too dark ya see)
Only one color, brought you joy…………………………………………..
And pink-a-pink-pink-a-pink-a-pink-a
Is a color for boys
Color for boys, color for boys,
Pink is for boys!
(And girls too…)

Now who ever said there’s a color
That’s made for just one gender?
Well if that’s a rule, I’m tellin’ you
We should all go out and bend er
Until it breaks for gracious sakes
As it seems so silly to
Eliminate any color or shade
That you may be drawn to

(C) 2016 Todd Burge
Bunj Jam BMI

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