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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Peak by Todd Burge For Kids (Graduating 5th Grade)

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The Peak (by Sophia and Todd
Burge May 23 2017)

Inspired by my 10-year-old Sophia after
she said she wanted her final week of fifth grade to last “a long long time”. Dedicated
to the 5th grade of Criss Elementary. Best of luck in middle school!

Once you reach the peak of
any mountain, you’ll be able to see farther than ever before. You’ll likely see
another, taller mountain, and many times, you’ll have to climb down, before
going back up to “take another peak”.

I hope this day goes on

Or at least this week crawls and crawls

Oh… I hope this day goes on forever

As I’d like to hang out with you all, that’s all

But we’re older now and we know better

There’s more out there, as we wait and see

There’s another door that we must open

But we may be a bit afraid to take a peek

We’ll take a peek together

We’ll take a peek together

So, new beginnings always
make me nervous

But nothing really stays that new for long

And the new becomes something I got used to

Like new buildings, with new friends or a new song

And together, we’ll sort this out

Through sun and clouds, the good times and the bad

If you stop and think a little or a lot

Just know, one day, you’ll be back on top
And see, we’ve climbed
another peak

So, let’s take that peak

We’ll take that peak together

I know this day will stay
with me forever

©2017 Bunj Jam BMI

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