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Friday, March 16, 2018

Evil Doughnut Depressed Taco Dance (Neale 5th Graders)

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Evil Doughnut Depressed Taco Dance
by Todd Burge and Neale Elementary 5th Graders March 16 2018
Thank you to Mrs. Taylor and Artsbridge!!

Depressed Taco had a bad wrap
That was crunchy and corny
No one knew why he was down
As they never heard his story
They just stuffed his shell
With all you can readAt any ol’ Taco Bell (menu)
Depressed Taco had a bad wrap
That was crunchy and corny

And next door to the taco place?
A doughnut place.
Enter one doughnut named…
Evil Doughnut was known as evil
But I doughnut know quite why
f you could get to know him
You’d surely find him to be
A well rounded guy
He had no need to eat a taco
No taco had a need to eat he
So they joined forces
And as they shared their mutual stories of woe
Became friends, best friends
As, as it turned out, they both loved to dance
So they ended up making up a dance
They made up the next new dance craze!
They thought it would became a craze that is,
If they would dance it all night and day, like crazy.

They’d danceThe Evil Doughnut
Depressed Taco dance!
That’s all they needed
Just watch them smile
Just try and eat now, while they move so quickly

©2018 Bunj Jam BMI

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